Virtual Appointment for Current Patients

Dr. Yoshikane can help keep your treatment on track virtually! Just follow the 3 steps below to get started!

Step 1 : Take Photos of Your Teeth

  • Take 6 pictures of your teeth as close as you can to the angles seen below
  • Invisalign and Retainer patients: wear your aligners or retainers for ALL the photos
  • Don’t worry, just do your best!


Have someone take the photos for you, while you are seated
Hold the phone horizontally and turn on the flash
Make sure to focus by tapping you your screen
Use 2 plastic spoons to retract your cheeks and lips
Be sure to bite normally on your back teeth!
A frontal picture of a smile showing teeth
Natural smile
A frontal picture of the mouth showing teeth with corners of the lips and cheeks pulled outward
Smile pulling cheeks to the side
A picture of the bottom row of teeth, taken from above with mouth open
Lower teeth
A picture of the upper row of teeth, taken from below with the mouth open
Upper teeth
A picture of the right side of the teeth, biting down
Right side biting down
A frontal picture of the left side of the teeth biting down
Left side biting down

Step 2 : Enter your information and photos in the Ortho Screening website

  • Go to the Ortho Screening website:
  • Use one of the following access codes on the home page of the Ortho Screening:
    34L3GN for Invisalign Patients
    KYCKWW for Braces Patients
    RJHLP5 for Retainer Patients
  • Enter your information, please be specific if you are experiencing any issues

Step 3 : Hear back from Dr. Yoshikane

  • We will be in touch with you within a few days to provide you with feedback and next steps for your smile!